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Rameshwar Engineering is always looking for qualified professionals to join our growing team.Professionals from all disciplines including professional engineers, technicians and technologists at all levels of experience will find a unique and professionally challenging environment at Rameshwar Engineering.

Sales and Marketing personnel with engineering background from varied business domains at all levels of experience are always sought after by us.

If you are interested to being in Rameshwar Engineering talent pool, please upload your resume. We will let you know if we have positions that match your skill set. 

When choosing professionals to work for us we look for proven expertise in identified skill sets, a willingness to share ideas in collaborative environments, and a friendly disposition. Of all, the will and perseverance to excel in all situations is the trait that would make us look up to you. Multitasking, documentation and communication skills are definite advantage. 

Rameshwar Engineering sincerely believes that 
1. Honesty is always the best policy!!
2. Pleasing manners has its rewards!!
There are following vacancies 

Resource requirement and their Key Responsibility Areas

1) Technical Assistant:-
    Qualification                   : Diploma (ECE / EEE) / ITI
    Experience                     : Fresher
   Job Description              : Technical Assistant (Soldering, Assembly and Servicing)
   Approx. Salary                : 7000/-

2) Technician:-
    Qualification                   : Diploma (ECE / EEE) / ITI
    Experience                      : 1 - 2 Years
   Job Description               : Technician (Soldering, Assembly and Servicing)
   Approx. Salary                 : 9000/-

3) Junior Engineer:-
     Qualification                   : BE (CS / IT)
    Experience                       : 1 - 2 Years
   Job Description              : Junior Engineer (Application Development, Java, C++, Linux, Exp in Electronics                                                                           domain)
   Approx. Salary                  : 10000/-

4) Application Engineers 
    No. of Posts                     :  4 
    Educational Qualification:  Diploma / B.E 
    Specialization                   :  E&I, IC, ECE & EEE 
    Experience                        :  2 to 5 years 
    Gender                               :  Only Male Candidates 
    Salary & Perks                  :  Based on qualification experience 

5) Sales Engineers 
    No. Of Posts                     :  4 
    Educational Qualification :  Diploma / B.E 
    Specialization                   :  E&I, IC, ECE & EEE 
    Experience                        :  2 to 5 years 
    Gender                              :  Only Male Candidates 
    Salary & Perks                  :  Based on qualification experience 

Other Criteria's to look for:
* Outstation candidates preferred.
* Male candidates only.
* Pending Arrears in academics is not a problem,  If candidate is Dynamic and has promising potential.
* Required Active, hard working and skilled  candidates.
Company Profile
The company was started in 1995 by a Technocrat Entrepreneur with the ‘Furthering Vision’ of a 5 decade legacy Marketing Company. Rameshwar Engineering is now involved in Trading, Liaison, Marketing, Engineering, Customization, Design & Manufacturing, Calibration and Support services. 

Our sister company SeethaRam Mechatronics Private Limited has definitive strength in design and development of Sensors, Electronics and Wireless systems. 

Strength and USPs 
The company believes in providing Technical support, Application Engineering and allied support services in order to be a total solutions provider to customers. The width of services to the customer has been strengths for diversification of our activities. The impressive and diverse clientele are the source of domain experience, exposure and contacts for effective business. The drive for continuous enhancement of our in-house capabilities has been the primary force for skill and facilities development, paving way for launch of new products and solutions in new business segments. 

Business Vision: The Company is keen in update technology, world class infrastructure and indigenous manufacturing capabilities in India. 

Social Vision: The underlying vision is Man-making and fulfilling Social and Cultural responsibilities which are unique to India.
Culture & Training
Organisation Culture

Shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs of the members  of an organisation define its nature.  We sincerely believe that the culture of the company can  Amplify its inherent strength and impact the customers, partners  and vendors. 

We are conscious that the culture of the company is rooted in an organisation's goals,     strategies, structure, but also to the approaches to labour, customers, investors, and the greater community. 

We keenly observe for Ethics and noble missions pursued by employees and encourage and celebrate them. We believe in empowerment of creativity at work, native and rustic life skills of our employees. That’s because, we understand that hard work at career is an integrated part of ‘Life’. 

We are committed to upkeep a culture that has relevance in the daily life in pursuit to growth. 

Technical and soft / life skill training

Apart from frequent training on our products and services and its updates, we use in-house / external professionals to conduct trainings on soft skills, time management and orientation programs. We look out for Training on new techniques and perspectives and our executives are deputed regularly. 

Experience Sharing 

Weekly reviews are inter-spread with documented sessions of experience shared along with technical and statistical data which raise the imagination and insight of young professionals. 

Informal meetings and lunch-on 

We encourage frequent lively and interactive informal meetings to counsel staff and team to retain the vigour and de-stress the daily routine. Weekly Lunch-on and storytelling session does bring in fun, observations in life and point-of-views of our personnel. 

Out-door activities 

Apart from fun Out-door activities, social and community service is encouraged by the company and our personnel involve in Tree plantation, support services for voluntary organisations and other noble missions espoused by the company.
Growth Prospects
With recruitment of fresher’s right from the Campus to formative training and putting them to work is indeed a comprehensive procedure. We have improvis

While, the personnel are insured for as stipulated by ESIC stipulations, we ensure that they are adequately insured for Accident benefits. A suitable health insurance policy is provided for our regular staff in sync with our ‘employees first’ policy. 

Travel, food and communication allowances are provided as perks. Suitable tax benefits and travel, car / bike facilities are provided to senior and long standing executives. 

We are sensitive and responsive, when it comes to recognition of dedication to work and commitment to the goals of the company. 
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